Day: June 23, 2020

Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.3

This blog provides an overview of the available resources to get started (or keep going) with the latest SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.3 release.

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Let There Be Light

With the release of the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite 4.3 earlier this month, la grande dame of business intelligence stepped back into the lime lights. We find SAP Business Intelligence Portfolio listed, for example, on the latest Data Value Formula diagram as on-premises offering that complements SAP Analytics Cloud.

Business Technology Platform

For a product whose heritage goes back to 1984 and a Canadian shipping company who needed some Quik Reports 1 this is great news indeed for

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Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software & OS options for 2020

The world is in between huge technological transition. Every day there is more use of technology-intensive tools in place of traditional ones. Old tricks used to be tedious, costly, mostly false, and often harmful.  As a result, business intelligence is not what it use to mean a decade ago.

Today, increased automation is making companies to go on the look-out for up-to-date business intelligence software to keep up with the new global technology order. We know that data is the main part that is driving this change. Take for example our growing need for datification to improve our minor as well as major affairs.

Companies around the world are using datification to turn our daily lives into a huge mass of data. This is why datification is the heart of data science. This unique field of science works closely with business intelligence (BI) and many other fields e.g., scientific computing,

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