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After the riots erupted in Kenosha, Wis., following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the New York Times reported that the violence was already swaying some Wisconsin swing voters away from voting for Democrats in November.“I’m not 100 percent sure of anything yet,” John Geraghty, an undecided Wisconsin voter who voted for Barack Obama, told the Times. “But as of now I’m really not happy about how Democrats are handling any of this.”“The Democratic agenda to me right now is America is systematically racist and evil and the only people who can fix it are Democrats,” he said. “That’s the vibe I get.”But despite Democratic fears and anecdotal evidence, all of the polls of Wisconsin voters conducted after both the Kenosha riots and the Republican National Convention have been good news for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.A CBS/YouGov poll conducted September 2–4, shows Biden leading Trump 50 percent

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