Guide to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Guide to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Introduction to BI and DW

What is Business Intelligence?  What is a Data Warehouse?  This paper
introduces BI and DW concepts.  It puts Data Warehousing into a
historical context and discusses the business drivers behind this
powerful new technology.

Data Warehousing Architecture

This paper explains how data is extracted from operational databases
using ETL technology, cleansed, loaded into a data warehouses and made
available to end users via conformed data marts and various data
warehousing tools.

Data Warehousing Tools

This paper discusses “front end” Data Warehousing tools and
applications such as OLAP, Scorecards, Dashboards, Spreadsheets, Report
Writers, Data Mining and custom built application systems.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics uses data from your web server and your corporate
databases to help you make better strategic and tactical decisions. 
Much business intelligence can be obtained by understanding who is
visiting your website.

Glossary of Terms

Confused about Data Warehouse terminology and concepts?  This section
provides brief definitions of commonly used data warehousing terms such
as: Data Mart, Data Warehouse, ETL, Dimensional Model, Relational Model,
Data Mining, OLAP.

Related Technologies

Learn about other emerging technologies that can help your business.  Topics
include high-speed Internet connectivity, Relational Databases and Database
Management Systems.

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