Top 10 Best Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools: Business Intelligence

List of some popular Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools:

Business intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds in the current scenario. The predictive analytics market is expected to grow to 10 billion in next 3/4 years.

To meet up the future demands, many software is enhancing their features by implementing complex algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to improve decision making and make forecasts.

Top Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools

Before we move on to OLAP tool selection criterion, we must first understand what OLAP is.

Online Analytical Processing

It is a computing approach that answers multi-dimensional analytical queries at a much faster pace and in a smoother manner. OLAP is a unit of business intelligence (BI). It holds the relational database and data mining and reporting features within or in other words, OLAP encompasses RDBMS and data mining & reporting.

OLAP tools give capacity to the user to analyze multidimensional data from multiple perspectives.


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Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools in 2020

Business Intelligence Tools are software that accumulates, transform, and present the data to assist the decision-makers and drive business growth. The Business Intelligence Tools absorb large amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources, convert it, and help in reaching to actionable business insights from the data. These tools have important features such as visual analytics, data visualization, KPI scorecards, and interactive dashboarding. They also enable users to make use of predictive analytics and automated reporting features based on self-service. The benefits of using business intelligence tools are

  • They help you in bringing all the relevant data together.
  • The self-service approach unlocks access to data for the employees and gives the company a competitive advantage.
  • Predictive analytics can help the users to discover new trends and patterns.
  • Manual tasks are eliminated.
  • Business cost is reduced.
  • These tools are accessible 24×7.

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools in 2020

These benefits are both for small companies and large

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Turn Data Into Opportunity With These 9 Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses and enterprises have a lot of data to contend with. From acquisition and retention metrics to prospective customers, internal business processes, partners, affiliates, and competitor data, knowing what data matters most to your business can be difficult.

Often, businesses can’t -or simply neglect to -leverage their data effectively into actionable wins that can grow revenue and help them operate more efficiently.

That’s where business intelligence (BI) tools can really help. They pull your data from dozens of sources, clean it up, transform it, and display it visually via dashboards and reports, which are far easier to interpret than raw numbers and fields. BI also makes it easier to track the ins and outs of what’s actually happening in your company.

While BI tools have been around for decades, there’s been an explosion of excellent online tools entering the market in recent years. These tools are constantly evolving to meet

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The 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools For Reporting Insights

4. Logi Analytics – Embedded analytics development service offering access dashboards, reports, and other self-service tools in your application

Logi Analytics screenshot - The 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools For Reporting Insights

Embed customizable dashboards, reports, and self-service in your application.

Logi Analytics is an analytics solution that embeds machine learning and artificial intelligence inside your application to provide robust data dashboards and self-service reporting right in your app. Intelligent workflows then let users take action or trigger a process without leaving the application.

Because of their option for custom, branded, developer-controlled UI, Logi Analytics ranked particularly high in the evaluation criteria section for UI score. After all, what better UI can you ask for than one that is easily modified to fit the look and feel of your own brand with custom themes, CSS, and JavaScript?

Logi works with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Progress OpenEdge; Big data such as Amazon Redshift, HP Vertica, MongoDB, 1010Data, Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR),

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Online Business Intelligence Tools – See Affordable BI Software

Online business intelligence is a term referred to applications, tools, technologies, and practices for online integration, visualization, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of business data while generating actionable insights in a web-based, cloud environment. The purpose of online BI is to provide better decision-making processes while securing access to data on-the-go, via web browser, mobile devices and apps, thus enabling the user to save time and improve productivity. Reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, performance management, benchmarking, predictive and prescriptive analytics, BI technologies handle large sets of data all saved and stored in a cloud-hosted environment that ultimately provides access to data wherever the user is located, and from any device. Supporting a wide range of business decisions, from strategic to operational can be done from a single online BI software that provides the best possible information management solutions.

Online business intelligence can be applied for these purposes:


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The 12 Best Business Intelligence Tools for 2020

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with Simplilearn.

If you want to use data in a smarter way, integrating business intelligence software into your company is an excellent start.

Regardless of the size of your business (whether it’s a small startup or a global corporation), there’s something to gain from business intelligence tools. Not only will you be able to make more informed and tactical business decisions, but you will also be able to identify and resolve problems within your operations.

Indeed, with a BI tool, your team will be able to convert complex data into comprehensive and useful information, forecast and identify trends and enhance your company’s overall performance. This will undoubtedly also give you significant leverage over your competitors.

So, if you want to reap the benefits of BI but aren’t sure which is the best fit, this guide is here to help! Here are the

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24 Exceptional Business Intelligence Tools

BI, or business intelligence tools allow information to be conveyed to the right people in a way that supports better decision-making.  With companies creating and relying on data more than ever, these tools have become invaluable to people in all functions and levels of business. 

Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of tools and products out there for everyone from C-level execs to analyst and managers.  We have selected an exceptional few to share with you and categorized them based on your organization’s end goal with its business data. Many of them are sold in SaaS format instead of as on-premise software which will allow you to experiment with as many as you’d like rapidly.

The right BI software, after all, can help you share insights effectively across the entire organization, even with large sets of internal data. Powerful business intelligence can provide your company with a lasting competitive advantage that

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Business Intelligence (BI) Tools | Microsoft Azure

Create amasing data-exploration experiences that look and work like the other Microsoft technologies you use every day so you can get started quickly. Use our library of data connectors to access popular cloud and on-premises sources such as Excel, SharePoint, Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce and add others.

Prepare and model data with ease through built-in automation and intelligence. Bring your data to life through hundreds of data visualisations, AI-powered features and branding options so your report fits your users. Distribute findings to team members inside and outside your organisation so everyone works off the same information.

Offer everyone in your organisation—from business analysts and BI professionals to business users—powerful, self-service analytical

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The Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2020 To Get Insight From Your Data

7. Tableau – BI software offering a range of data visualization and analysis tools: vector maps, parameter actions, and many more.

Tableau screenshot - <thrive_headline click tho-post-27672 tho-test-128>The Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2020 To Get Insight From Your Data</thrive_headline>

Combine data from different sources and glean broad view insights from results.

Tableau is a robust, scalable analytics platform with desktop, cloud or on-site options. It boats an interactive, visual analysis style and allows you to securely consume your data via browser, desktop, mobile, or embedded into any application. They offer over 900 learning resources, including over 100 training videos.

They excel in a specific area of the features and functions evaluations criteria section: flexibility. Tableau is easily scalable; offered by server, desktop and/or cloud; available on all device types, be it PC or smartphone; and they have free analytics resources for students, educators and smaller not-for-profits. Whatever your niche, you are sure to find something that fits.

Tableau can join with data collection systems like  ServiceNow, Splunk,

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Complete Guide to Business Intelligence tools integration

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All business operates with data – information generated from your company’s many internal and external sources. And these data channels serve as a pair of eyes for executives, supplying them with the analytical information about what is going on with the business and the market. Accordingly, any misconception, inaccuracy, or lack of information may lead to a distorted view of the market situation as well as internal operations – followed by bad decisions.

Making data-driven decisions requires a 360° view of all the aspects of your business, even those you didn’t think of. But how to turn unstructured data chunks into something useful? The answer is business intelligence.

We’ve already discussed machine learning strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss the actual steps of bringing business intelligence into your existing corporate infrastructure. You will learn how to set up a business intelligence strategy and integrate tools into

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