Traditional BI Buzzwords for Modern Data Teams

About a year into Chartio, we’d moved into our first real office in the Founder’s Den. Another Denizen came by and said something to the effect of “Oh, you guys are in the BI space…” and then proceeded to drop about a dozen buzz words, only a couple of which I knew. I’d interviewed almost 100 companies about how their data processes and needs but at that point I realized I’d completely missed researching any vendors of the traditional BI market and the incredible amount of jargon that that community comes with.

As it turns out BI is an incredibly jargon filled industry as a result of it being historically so fragmented, with the largest players owning less than 10% of the market [1]. These giant pieces of software took months to install and integrate so trials were few and far between. Deals were won by one sales and marketing

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differences between social entrepreneurship and traditional business

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One might wonder, how was social entrepreneurship come to existence? While the idea of social enterprise go back as far as to 1649 (Spreckley, 1981), the term social enterprise was first introduced by Freer Spreckley in 1978 (Wikipedia (a)). The two words, social and enterprise seem paradoxical to be put together. Entrepreneurs, generally linked to their action of making profits for themselves and the shareholders, seem unlikely to be associated with social interests. While this is not entirely true, but the typical Ebenezer Scrooge type of entrepreneurs will always be in people’s minds

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The Battle of Business Intelligence: Data Discovery vs. Traditional BI

We’re at a tipping point where using data to inform all types of business decisions is becoming the norm. With more and more data available to users and the increasingly competitive business landscape, it’s not surprising that the needs of business users are becoming more complex.

As more organizations turn to data analytics to deliver value, the battle between BI tools is heating up. Data discovery tools sprouted up to solve the need for speed, while traditional BI solutions were architected to deliver every possible analytic issue and one universal picture of the business. So in the battle of BI who will be crowned victor: data discovery or traditional BI?

Surprisingly, it’s not one or the other; rather there is a time and place for both.

BI has long had a reputation for being difficult to implement and equally difficult to use. Organizations would bring together a team of very

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