Entrepreneur with CT ties helping small businesses navigate the loan process

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(WFSB) – A Silicon Valley entrepreneur with ties to Connecticut is trying to help small business owners get the cash they need to survive.

Laura Bilazarian is on top of the world, but don’t let the pretty dress fool you.

She’s tougher than just about all of us.

Laura won a rugby title in college and built a big career on Wall Street, but she still eyed an even greater challenge: starting a small business.

“There’s not a day that’s not really extremely hard,” Bilazarian tells us.

But if you are the kind of person that likes to do hard things that can be satisfying too, Laura created and later sold a highly successful tech company in Silicon Valley and because she just can’t help herself, Laura just started a new small business, but even with all that experience, nothing couldn’t prepare Laura or any other entrepreneur for the coronavirus.

“You go from having conversations with your team about how fast you can grow to how fast your going to lose all your customers,” stated Bilazarian.


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So Laura did the smart thing and applied for a low interest loan.

The federal government is offering them to small business owners to help them stay afloat, but despite Laura’s background and an Ivy League degree, she struggled to understand the complicated application process.

“If any small business owner is frustrated, you should be,” says Bilazarian.

Laura felt called to help.

She spent weeks building Sevencommas.com, a website that simplifies the process and helps business owners cut through the red tape, free of charge, allowing anyone to apply for a low interest loan within minutes instead of hours or even days.

“I knew it was a place for technology. I also knew from the small business owner’s perspective. They don’t have this like team of lawyers and accountants on staff to help them get through it,” continued Bilazarian.

Laura’s team, which includes a couple of Yale grads, has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Small business owners say the site, which also includes a list of banks accepting new customers, has helped them sift through a seemingly impossible process.

“I think we’ll make it through and we’ll come out stronger and life will be a little different, but life will be better in certain ways too,” said Bilazarian.

Laura’s advice for small business owners is to apply for a low interest loan right away, contact your bank to see if they’re part of the program, and remain optimistic.

After all, you’re a lot like Laura, tougher than just about all of us and poised to be on top of the world again one day soon.

“I would tell them to stay strong. You were crazy. You got through something crazy already, which is starting your small business,” stated Bilazarian.

And convincing people to work for you.

“You are a leader in the community so stay strong for your employees,” added Bilazarian.

For additional information and to access the loan application tool, you can click or tap here to learn more.

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